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Being bullied is an unnecessary hell.  It destroys individuals, wrecks families, devastates lives and livelihoods, and costs both employers and the State dear.  It does not "toughen people up", instead it, weakens, disempowers and destroys. It does not aid survival, instead threatens our existence. It does not promote long-term growth and prosperity, but favours short-term expediency at the expense of long term. And, as with other forms of violation and trespass, only those who have suffered it fully appreciate the sheer awfulness of daily unremitting abuse that has no answer, no reason, no value and no end.  In the last decade of the twentieth century, workplace bullying is, in my view, the second greatest social evil after child abuse, with which there are many parallels.

Bullying effects everyone. Employees, colleagues, friends, partners, children, family; company, customers, clients, suppliers, even shareholders and investors through diminished profits and lost opportunities. No one escapes the effects of bully behaviour, whether direct or indirect, m transferred or otherwise.

Bullying is widespread.  Surveys suggest that over half the population has experienced or witnessed bullying at some time in their lives.  Even this figure may be conservative.

"I always thought the purpose of going to work was to do work not to spend one's entire time fighting off the unwelcome attentions of more senior employees. All my attempts to give excellent service to customers and contribute to the profitability of the company were thwarted by the immature behaviour and non-existent interpersonal skills of my abusive managers.  What these people thought they were achieving was beyond me."

Tim Field, "Bully in Sight, How to Predict, resist, challenge and combat workplace bullying".
Printed in Great Britain by Wessex Press, Oxfordshire, U.K., 1996  page 1

Visit Tim Field's www.successunlimited.co.uk "Bully Online" is a forum that deals with all aspects of this subject.


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