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"After Marie was out of sight from her partners, she pulled her coat collar tight around her neck. For the moment, the rain had stopped, but a bank of black clouds was rolling in fast from New Jersey.  She began to worry that perhaps things were moving a bit too quickly.  How much training could a person get in two weeks?  She had never been in this part of the city before. It was seedy and threatening.  Her limited knowledge of it came from studying the precinct sector map and recalling the barrage of two-second camera shots that NYPD Blue used of the area to lend authenticity to the TV show. Suddenly, Marie wondered what she had imagined was so glamorous about becoming a detective.
Although she hadn't said anything back in the car, she wished the detective hadn't gotten her coffee, because now she desperately needed to pee. She didn't know where to go in this neighborhood so she held it in.  She edged through a four-foot slit in a wire fence to take a shortcut through an empty schoolyard.  Her eyes were drawn to a large portrait of a pit-bull painted on the handball court wall. The words accompanying the picture read KILO, THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD - MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD BY THE NYPD.  Some other graffiti artist had added his two cents on an adjoining wall: MAYOR GENNARO SUCKS."

 Bernard Whalen and Jon Whalen, Justifiable Homicide, Ballantine Books, New York 2000 Chapter One, pp 17-18

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