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Helga literally had him by the balls, he knew, and in a move that surprised him she relaxed her grip. 

"Do you like your balls?" she asked, her face less than an inch from his doughy features.
Herman nodded vigorously, knowing that she had not asked the question rhetorically.

She kneeled in front of him and asked, "Where's the tape?"

Through pained and bloody lips, Zoltag said, "What tape?"

Helga shoved the pantyhose back into his mouth, violently, and whacked his left knee full force with her heavy gun. Herman let out a muffled scream, then defecated on the floor.

She moved backward, wrinkling her nose.  "You want to end up like her?"  She grabbed Kathy's hair and lifted the young girl's head off the seat cushion, revealing a hole where Kathy's left eye had been. A whitish-yellow fluid oozed down the girl's cheek.  She was dead. Zoltag stared at her, his eyes bulging.

Patrick W. Picciarelli, "Blood Shot Eyes", Prologue page 6-7, Copyright 2000 by Patrick W. Picciarelli. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of Trafford Publishing, 2000 Victoria, B.C. Canada, Publishers


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