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A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath
Author:  Ted Koppel

Whether we know it or not, we are in the midst of cyberwarfare.   Those of us who have been involved in preparation for what is termed “critical incidents” are prepared for natural disasters such as earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes and blizzards.  We are not prepared or trained to deal with the worst case scenario of a total blackout of the power grid in large areas of our Nation.  We in NYC have experienced blackouts that lasted for a few days at most.   However, the lessons that we learned alerted the NYPD and FDNY to just how helpless we could be in a long-term blackout of the grid.  The high-rise bulidings and subway system of the City of New York are dependent on power for elevators and the trains that transport millions of citizens on a daily basis.   This book delves into the fact that America is totally unprepared for a deliberate attack on the power grid.   Ted Koppel shows us the nightmare that awaits an unprepared Nation in the event of such an attack.  This book is truly a call for action by our government and the citizens of the United States of America. 

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One Cop’s War Against the Mob
Author:  Joseph Coffey and Jerry Schmetterer

Memoir written by  NYPD Retired Detective Sergeant Joseph Coffey.    Coffey writes of his decades  with the NYPD that included the Son of Sam investigation and the Vatican Bank Scandal.   This memoir is a timely piece of history and should be in every cop’s library.   I met Joe in the Police Academy during the 7 week Sergeant’s school in April-May 1973.   He gave a talk to the class about the Vatican Bank that had us on the edge of our seats.    He passed away  on October 1, 2015 at the age of  77.   He was truly a legend on the NYPD.

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Author:  Bernard Whalen and Jon Whalen

A classy historical review of the early years of the NYPD.   The authors describe the men who served as Police Commissioner during the formation of New York’s Finest and the Mayors who would govern the greatest city in the world.   From January 1, 1898 when the five boroughs, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island merged into the City of Greater New York until the death of one of it’s finest Mayors,  Fiorello “The Little Flower” LaGuardia in 1947 is recounted in this book .  Names like Richard Enright,  and Lewis Valentine jump from the pages of this historical work.    Cops and those who lhave a love of history will treasure this book.

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Author:  Lt. Patrick Abbruzzi, NYPD (Retired)

A novel written by a retired NYPD Lieutenant of Police that takes the reader on a trip to the mean streets of New York City.   The author writes about the life of a street cop in two patrol precincts.  The 120th Precinct on Staten Island is one of them and anyone who worked those streets will recognize the locations.   This novel is a great read for anyone who is fascinated with the world of cops.    Active and retired cops will identify with the protagonists in the stories.   Congratulations to Lt Abbruzzi on this work.  

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Author:  Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie is famous for his first book: “How to Win Friends and Influence People”
However,   another of his books that has been of immense help to me personally is this book.   It is filled with wisdom for all people.  I attended the Dale Carnegie Class #2405 back in December of 1972 to April of 1973.  I will never forget the people that I met during the Dale Carnegie Course.   The knowledge and skill that I received served me well during my career in the New York City Police Department.   The course is based on his two books.   

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Confessions of a Suicidal Policewoman
Author:  Thomas Fitzsimmons

A good solid cop story. It's filled with action humor and real characters that the reader will genuinely care about. The main character Beckett, though desperate at times, is likable and you definitely want to see him turn his life around for the better. It's a quick and enjoyable read told in an accessible tone that has the flavor of a cop telling a personal story at a bar.


Authors: Donald Bartlett and James B. Steele

The authors were investigative reporters for the Philadelphia Inquirer and wrote a series that was published as  the book  America, What Went Wrong?    They wrote two other books on the continuous destruction of the American Economy by outsourcing of the manufacturing base over a period of decades.   Both political parties, four presidents and our economic “Captains of Industry”  have led us down a path of economic decline.  This book documents this and names names.    A frightening future awaits our children if America does not wake up. 

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Author:  Michael Grant

When a police officer is promoted to the rank of captain of police,  what changes does this bring to his career? He is no longer at the level of execution.   He is now management.  He is now swimming with the sharks.  “Precinct” shows just what that expression means.   This is a good read for those about to tread in the challenging world of police management.

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The Coparazzi - by Vincent Casale


A memoir by a retired member of the NYPD Movie-TV Unit.  His experiences with that Unit and various celebrities and movie-TV personalities makes for a great read.

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Treasure Islands - Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens
Author:  Nicholas Shaxson

 Every American should read this book. Every political leader in the USA should have this as required reading prior to being sworn in as a elected official in Congress.  The “free trade” advocates and “globalization” crowd have given away the American dream.
Americans must familiarize themselves with the facts.  The Author provides us with the record of how multi-national corporations have gone off-shore to avoid taxes by nation-states and have become a power unto themselves with dangerous implications for the future of Americans.   The corrupt influence upon governmental institutions is a disgrace.  

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BED-STUY The Way it Was
Author:  Al Yevoli,  NYPD (Retired)

  A memoir of service in Brooklyn’s famous 79th Precinct.  When Patrolman Al Yevoli was appointed to the NYPD in June of 1963,  the 79th Precinct was where the action was.   I was also in the Class of June 26, 1963 and remember attending the old condemned school building located at 7 Hubert Street near the exit of the Holland Tunnel in Manhattan’s 4th Precinct.  We then would get the “A” train at Sixth Avenue at Canal Street and travel to the Armory at Bedford and Atlantic Avenue for physical training.    I never worked patrol in Brooklyn,  but I knew how dangerous those streets were back in 1963.   The author of “Bed-Stuy The way it Was”  is an eye-witness to those violent years. This memoir reads like one of the regimental histories written by civil war veterans.  His recounting of the events surrounding the terrorism of the Black Liberation Army is a valuable contribution of historical significance. 

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ROUTINE PATROL,  The Forgotten Borough
Author:  Marc Cosentino

When a police officer assigned to “Patrol” puts on his uniform in preparation to go on duty, he must put on a kevlar vest under his shirt,  strap on his duty belt with his firearm,  extra magazines,  Mace, flashlight, and handcuffs.   After he stands roll-call, he enters the radio car in which he will spend his next tour of duty.    He will be engaged in what is called “Routine Patrol”.   This term is in reality an oxymoron.   For police officers who work in uniform on patrol,  there is no such thing as “routine” patrol.  As such officers gain in experience, they come to realize this fact.   The most dangerous assignments by “patrol” officers oftentimes are car stops,  domestic disputes, and what are initially termed “disorderly person” radio runs or  “disputes”.     Patrol cops are the true “first responders” .   They do the most difficult of police functions.  The walls of remembrance for officers slain in the line of duty are filled with the rank of “Patrolman” or “police officer”.   They are the “thin blue line”.     The Author of Routine Patrol The Forgotten Borough worked in patrol precincts and lived and experienced what all such patrol officers learn as they work the streets of New York City.   His book is a good read for those seeking to understand and appreciate their police officers. 

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LOST LUSTRE, A New York Memoir
Author:  Josh Karlen

 The Author grew up in the East Village which is within the confines of the 9th Precinct during a period when that area was known as “Alphabet City”.  The neighborhoods were nearly destroyed by the waves of crime and destruction of large sections by fire.   Josh Karlen writes a memoir of a childhood amidst the narcotics and crime that ravaged New York City.   His quote of an article that I wrote for NY Cop Online Magazine was an honor to me.    Cop who worked in the 9th Precinct during that period will find this book of great interest.

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Author:  Detective Sgt Jim O’Neil (Ret) and Mel Fazzino

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U..F. 16 aka Nothing to Report
Author:  John Moran, NYPD (retired)

 John Moran retired from the NYPD after 27 years of service.  He takes pen in hand to write a memoir of those years.   Only cops and their families can appreciate this book. Even the title of the book has an esoteric and ironic meaning to street cops of the NYPD. Get a copy for your library of police books!

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I always thought that I was knowledgeable about the Penal Law of the State of New York. . The Penal Law specifically states that interest charged over 25 per cent per annum is the crime of Criminal Usury . I labored under the naïve understanding that loan sharks, organized crime, and other predatory types were prohibited from giving usurious loans. I believed that our financial institutions were prohibited from engaging in predatory lending. I was mistaken.
Recently, I was browsing in a book store and noticed a bookcover with the title: “Maxed Out” . The cover showed a gold credit card dangling from a fishhook. The full title of the book is Maxed Out, Hard Times, Easy Credit, and The Era of Predatory Lenders, by James D. Scurlock . A reading of the book was a revelation regarding credit cards. This book exposes the way our financial “captains of industry” were able to use their influence with members of Congress to pass legislation enabling them to engage in lending practices that can only be termed “predatory”. Webster’s dictionary defines the word “predatory” as: excessive or exploitive in amount or cost, as out of greed or to take advantage of consumers or patrons.

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E-MAN - Life in the NYPD Emergency Services Unit
Author: Al Sheppard, with Jerry Smetterer

 Every street cop has a story to tell about the Emergency Service cops that he or she has known during a career with the NYPD.  From stomach wrenching DOAs or aided cases involving impaled victims or jumpers whose remains are splattered on the street, to the violence of armed killers loose in the street, the cops of the NYPD Emergency Service were like the cavalry coming to the rescue for the street cop on patrol.   Al Sheppard has written a book that chronicles some of those deeds that we must all remember.  Unless it is written down, it isn’t history. This book serves as a historical account of some of the most horrific years of the NYPD.  

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Authors: Dennis L. Potter and Terry J. Manwaring

 “Incident Commanders” in the National Incident Management System (NIMS)  must educate themselves of the fact that until recently,  training in emergency management seemed to ignore the critical role of law enforcement and the need for a law enforcement incident command (LEICS) system.  This text will serve that purpose. The authors are veteran police commanders who served under some of the most horrific incidents of domestic terrorism.   All police commanders should adopt this manual in their training.

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JEWS IN BLUE - The Jewish- American Experience in Law Enforcement
Author:  Jack Kitaeff

 Every cop is proud of his family heritage.  We read of police officers of Irish- American, Italian- American, and other ethnic backgrounds who reflect pride and honor on their traditions.  “Jews in Blue” is a book that needed to be written.   During my career with the NYPD, I had the personal experience of working with fellow cops who were Jewish.  I can say that some of the most honorable cops that I worked with happened to be Jewish.  Every New York City cop quickly learns some Jewish expressions and the word “mensch” comes to mind when I recall the Jewish Sergeants, lieutenants and captains that I worked under as a cop.  I recall those who have passed on with much fondness.  “Jews in Blue” documents the deeds and names of those who have served us so well.

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Authors: Luke Ritter, J. Michael Barrett, and Rosalyn Wilson

The authors are experts in logistics and transportation issues. Read about the latest in security technology of containers and cargo. The use of “smart” containers with electronic seals or container security devices such as RFID (radio frequency identification) or GPS tags whereby security can track and manage container shipments and keep them secure while in transit.

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Author: Detective Kathy Burke, NYPD (retired)

Detective Kathy Burke, NYPD (retired) was shot in the chest and her partner, Detective Anthony Venditti was killed in the line of duty.  She barely survived close personal combat with multiple armed perpetrators.  On Medal Day, June 1987, she was awarded the Medal of Honor of the NYPD. The versions surrounding the attack on these two detectives have brought much confusion and pain to their respective families.  At last, she has finally been given the opportunity to tell her side of the story behind the murder of her partner.   
Kathy Burke has retired but she remains a member of the New York City Police Self-Support Group. Her experience has rendered her a true peer of those who have endured the pain and suffering of gunshot wounds and injuries both emotional and physical.  Every member of the NYPD, active and retired, needs to read this book.. 

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Author:  Detective Randy Jurgensen, NYPD (retired)    
Detective Jurgensen has done all of us a great service. He has set the record straight about the murder of Patrolman Philip Cardillo, 28th Precinct, NYPD .  This murder of Officer Cardillo has rankled the hearts and minds of thousands of his fellow police officers for over thirty years.   The political cowardice that permeated the initial investigation of the murder of one of our own would never be forgotten by the rank and file of the New York City Police Department.   We finally have a book written by the Detective assigned to the case.   Detective Randy Jurgensen responded to Mosque #7 on that fateful day.   He witnessed the political cowardice and interference that led to the destruction of the crime scene.   He was assaulted and seriously injured during the riots that ensued.  It was ironic that he would be chosen to investigate the murder after the crime scene had been utterly destroyed. The politically motivated interference that he had to endure during his four year quest to solve the murder of Cardillo only added to the disgrace that overshadowed the official attitude towards the murder of a police officer.  This memoir will cause a lot of sleepless nights for some.  It will bring a measure of satisfaction to many more.   

I met  Randy  shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center in September of 2001. Randy had encountered  terrorism decades before September 11, 2001.  The assassinations of police officers by the BLA was a harbinger of what would become the War on Terror.   

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Author:  Mark Steyn

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