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On Friday January 27, 2012 at 1400 hrs, the 9th Pct held a Memorial Service for the 40th anniversary of the slaying of PTL Rocco Laurie and PTL Gregory Foster .
The weather was inclement, however, many active and retired members of the 9th Precinct responded to 9th Precinct to honor the memory of Officers Laurie and Foster

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly,  who was a young sergeant at the time of the assassinations of Laurie and Foster recalled the horror of the scene of the crime.  He addressed the assembly that included the families of Laurie and Foster.  Many of the retirees who worked with Laurie and Foster in the 9th Precinct were also in attendance.

PC Raymond Kelly addresses the assembly at the 9th Precinct

Famiy members and friends of Laurie and Foster

PC Kelly with the family of Ptl Gregory Foster

LtoR: Jackqueline Foster,  Ray Kelly,  Adelaide Laurie,  Tony Laurie

LtoR: Tony Laurie, Adelaide Laurie, Richie O”Neill

An interesting person was present to honor the memory of Rocco Laurie. Mr. Robert Myers was carrying a photo album of his days in boot camp at Parris Island. He was a US Marine Rrecruit in the same company as Rocco Laurie.   He had the photos to prove it.  He showed his album to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly,  also a veteran of the USMC, who smiled as he looked at the photos.   Bob Myers served in the 3rd Battalion,  26th Marines in Viet Nam in 1968-69. 

LtoR:  Bob Myers with PO Don Muldoon, 9th Pct (ret) who worked with Laurie and Foster

LtoR Rich O”Neill, Randy Jurgensen,   PC Ray Kelly  look at the album

Detective Randy Jurgensen (ret) was present to pay tribute to the memory of Laurie and Foster. Randy was on the scene at the murder of Patrolman Phillip Cardillo , 28 Pct in the Harlem Mosque.  His book “Circle of Six” recounts the events of that horrible day in the history of the NYPD.   Who can forget this photo taken outisde the Mosque during the riot?

Det. Randy Jurgensen falls into the arms of DI Jack Haugh, CO, 28th Precinct
Photo Courtesy of New York Daily News

Detective Jurgensen was staked out in a fake gypsy cab with three anti-crime officers a few blocks from the Mosque prior to the Signal 10-13.  They were watching a building where a suspect  wanted in connection with the Laurie and Foster Assassination was believed to be holed up.  At the report of the Signal 10-13, they responded to the Mosque and Randy was seriously wounded by a brick from the rooftop  The photo above was taken in front of the Mosque during the riot.. 

 To read more about Detective Jurgensen, go to his website at : http://www.randyjurgensen.com/id2.html

LtoR Det Bill Cutter, 9th Sqd (ret),  PO Don Muldoon, 9 Pct (ret)
Two of the best cops I ever had the honor to work with.

LtoR Bob Glass, Ed Reuss, Kevin O”Donnell,  Mike Oveis, Joe Scalogna, Tom Dowd,
Bob Peduzzi

LtoR:  Chief Mike Oveis (ret)  Mike Boylan, Mike Dimino, Kevin Cummings

LtoR: Fred Neglia, Bill Cutter, Dom Vetrano, Ed Reuss, Rich Morrell,  Bill Ludwig, Pete Mulroy
Artie Vigar, Enrico Cucco

LtoR SPAA Cleo Higgs with PO Dennis Harrington,  9th Precinct (ret)

LtoR Pete Mulroy with Asst Chief Mike Fox (ret)

LtoR:  Capt Ed Reuss (ret),  Det Ed Reuss (9Sqd Ret) Det Randy Jurgensen (ret)

Tony Longo with Det. Keith Prunty, 9th Precinct

LtoR:  Sgt Brian Reilly, NYPD Holy Name Society,  Det Ed Reuss, 9th Pct Ret

Capt Eddie Mamet,  former CO,  9th Precinct Squad (Retired)

Det Jim Liedy, NYPD (ret) and Adelaide Laurie

LtoR:  Capt Ed Reuss (ret) with PC Ray Kelly

It was gratifying to see so many veterans of the 9th Precinct attend the Memorial Service. Forty years is a long time.  Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly,  Chief of Department Joseph Esposito,  Asst Chief Joanne Jaffe,  was well as retired Chief of Detectives Joseph Borelli, Retired Chief of Detectives William Allee, Retired Chief of OCCB Raymond Diaz, Retired Asst Chief Mike Fox,  Retired Asst Chief Mike Oveis, and others were present to honor the memory of two cops who gave the “last full measure of devotion”.    I am sure that the men and women of the NYPD will always remember this day.    Lest we forget.      


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